YS 6911

Naval architecture by DAMEN  —  Selected showcases: GARÇON, 'DAPPLE', GAME CHANGER

The YS 6911 offers the ultimate technical area for serious superyacht helicopter operations – a LY3 / MCA fully certified helideck with fully weather-protected hangar and lift system. For the true dive enthusiast, the store on Main Deck can be fully kitted-out with a professional dive centre.

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Length overall 69.15 metres (227 ft)
Beam overall 11.50 metres
Draught (Full Load Midships) 3.65 metres
Gross Tonnage Approx. 1,200
Naval architecture DAMEN
Maximum speed 18-20 knots
Range @ 16 knots 4,500 nautical miles
Crew/staff 21
Deck space (cargo) outside 250 square metres
Deck crane 12 tonnes @ 5.00 metres
Helicopter max take-off weight  5,000 kg

Toys and Tenders

Why limit yourself to just a couple of (small) tenders and toys? The DAMEN Yacht Support 6911 has a massive 250 sqm deck space (not including the fully certified helideck and hangar), 110 sqm below deck (3,875 sq ft total). No limits, ready to go when you are.

Custom configuration

  • Large dive tenders (12 metres / 39 ft)
  • Accommodation for divemaster and submersible pilots
  • Dive compressors and EANx (Nitrox) facilities for technical diving
  • Full-size certified decompression chamber for enhanced safety
  • Launch and retrieve submersibles with deck crane or A-frame


Join the exclusive club of superyacht owners who are never without helicopter support. The DAMEN Yacht Support 6911 with all-weather protected hangar is the ultimate solution. No limits, no matter where your travels take you.


  • High safety LY3 / MCA certified helideck
  • Maximum take-off weight 5,000 kg – for example for Eurocopter AS365 or AgustaWestland AW109
  • Refuelling and reconditioning on board
  • Helicopter operations at night and underway
  • Helicopter workshop
  • All-weather protected hangar with lift system