YS 5009

Naval architecture by DAMEN

Imagine the possibilities with the huge free deck area of 240 square metres (2,583 sq ft). The updated design features more flexibility and a comprehensive list of pre-engineered options for dive, sail, heli (including fully certified helideck) and more configurations. Accommodate up to 20 extra staff, security, pilots, (dive) guides, etc.

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Length overall 55.51 metres (182 ft)
Beam overall 9.25 metres (30 ft)
Draught (full load) 3.20 metres (10 ft)
Gross Tonnage 489
Naval architecture DAMEN
Speed (maximum) 20 knots
Range @ 10 knots 5,000 nautical miles
Guests 6
Crew / Staff / Pilots 11
Crew 6 + Captain
Deck space 240 square metres (2,583 sq ft)
Deck crane 11.45 tonnes @ 10 metres
Heli touch and go 3,700 kg


Judging by the talk and laughter around the BBQ grill, it has been an unforgettable day of undersea adventures. For recreational and technical dives, submersible descents, scientific research and exploration, this is a professional set-up that fits seamlessly on the superyacht scene.

Watch demonstration dives of Triton’s superyacht-optimized Triton 1650/3 LP submersible on Shadow (ex New Frontiers).

Custom configuration

  • To launch and retrieve submersibles up to 15 tonnes, the YS 5009 is technically ready for A-frame installation
  • Aft adventure centre with mudroom, wetsuit stores, day head, dive compressors and EANx (Nitrox) facilities for technical diving
  • Containerised modular dive equipment, decompression chamber for enhanced safety
  • Large dive support tenders
  • Reduced draught for operations in shallow waters
  • Divemaster/submersible pilot accommodation
  • ROV / submersible dive control room


A blend of self-contained adventure and superyacht support functions with 6 guests staying in 3 cabins, the YS 5009 is perfect for short breaks away from the mother yacht or even a complete yachting solution. She offers quiet and comfortable yacht-quality air conditioning, low noise and vibrations and top entertainment systems.

  • Accommodation for 6 guests in 3 suites, overflow and children’s accommodation
  • Sun Deck behind the wheelhouse (50 square metres / 538 sq ft)
  • Main Deck lounge (30 square metres / 323 sq ft) with 180-degree panoramic views
  • Large galley for fine dining and beach party set-up and support


That’s you – braced behind the wheel of a sleek sailing superyacht, preparing to pop the enormous spinnaker in the warm breeze. Yet life on board a sailing yacht has its limitations for your family and guests – unless you partner it with your Regatta Support Vessel 5009. Live the nautical dream with all the gear, speed and space you need for the ultimate high-end sailing experience.

Custom configuration

  • Keep your racing yacht light, fast, quiet and uncluttered
  • Maximise luxury space - move crew facilities, cabins, laundry, etc off the yacht
  • Take all the tenders and toys you can’t fit on your sailing yacht
  • Keep spare parts, rigging and extra sail gear nearby, but not on board your yacht
  • Workshop for sail,composite, wood or metal repairs
  • Deck space and on board hoisting capacity for large masts
  • Store provisions, fuel, garbage and waste water for operating in zero-discharge zones (eg marine nature reserves)


If you want safe helicopter operations night and day, underway and not only in calm conditions – or if you’re considering chartering your yacht – then you need a certified helideck. Set on pillars, the Yacht Support 5009 helideck is LY3 compliant. It’s a floating heliport.

Air support

  • Increase the operational envelope – no more flights postponed
  • Suitable for larger helicopters up to a take-off weight of 5 tonnes and a D-value of 14 metres
  • Full certification and firefighting capability
  • Still 20 metres (66 ft) of free deck space for tenders and toys, and use the space below the helideck for storage (2.20-metre / 7 ft free height)


For owners who plan to spend extended periods at sea, an all-weather helicopter hangar is an oft-requested feature – particularly for destinations off-the-beaten-path with underdeveloped aviation infrastructure. There are several hangar possibilities on the Yacht Support 5009, creating a new level of freedom.

Your own aircraft carrier

We’ve developed a Main Deck hangar with telescopic sliding doors to maximise free deck space. You can use it for a helicopter only (for example Airbus H125 / AS 350), or add a forward section for use with a submersible or automobile.