Crossover Innovation

Dutch builders AMELS and DAMEN introduced the Yacht Support solution in 2009, a crossover innovation that combines the expertise of a luxury yacht builder with a professional shipbuilder. The two companies are part of the same global DAMEN group and work together on many levels.

Unique package

  • Dutch shipbuilding expertise
  • Specialist superyacht knowledge
  • Engineering proven in the most challenging naval and offshore applications
  • Value for money and fast delivery

Proud history

The Yacht Support range of vessels is built by family-owned Dutch shipbuilder DAMEN in cooperation with its luxury yacht builder AMELS. Founded in 1927, DAMEN has grown into one of the world’s most successful shipbuilders under Chairman Kommer Damen.

Global shipbuilder

  • 33 DAMEN shipyards around the world
  • 6000 vessels delivered
  • Purchasing power
  • Family-owned stability and continuity
  • Global talent and specialist skill sets

Sea Axe

DAMEN’s Yacht Support range is based on the patented and proven Sea Axe hull form. DAMEN has delivered more than 200 Sea Axe vessels to offshore, navy and coast guard clients all over the world. The inhouse team of more than 50 dedicated Yacht Support design and engineering experts is ready to assist in configuring your vessel.

From Design to After-sales

  • Research and development
  • Fast delivery times building from stock
  • Advanced production technology
  • Global network (new build, service, refit and repair)