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Yacht Support for ultimate security and privacy

In a world where events can unfold rapidly and unpredictably, our superyacht clients are looking for solutions to ensure the security and privacy of their guests, friends and family. At the Dubai International Boat Show 2016, we're showing how our DAMEN Yacht Support range provides the ultimate control, safety and professionalism

• Require a serious-looking deterrent that shows you mean business?
• Want to accommodate specialist security staff, but not on your yacht?
• Need a high-tech control centre to track and jam intruders

"The best deterrent is sending a very clear message that you are serious about security, and what better than patrolling the area with your Yacht Support vessel," says Rob Luijendijk, Managing Director at AMELS. "Keeping a watchful eye on the mothership from just over the horizon, the Yacht Support vessel can accommodate specialist security personnel and carry impressive assets like the ultra high-speed DAMEN Interceptor. DAMEN is your partner with the expertise to protect your superyacht operations with custom security solutions and equipment."

Pictured above

Yacht Support 6911 with Sea Axe hull shape and heli hangar (scale model at DIBS 1 to 5 March 2016 in Dubai)
• GARÇON (Yacht Support 6711), see our showcase and video
• Ultra high-speed deterrent DAMEN Interceptor 1102 (with video)
• Yacht Support shares its DNA with the DAMEN Stan Patrol 3007 with Sea Axe hull shape

After all, the 43 to 85-metre DAMEN Yacht Support range shares its DNA with DAMEN fast patrol vessels and frigates used by coast guards and the world's navies at the highest level of combat operations.

DAMEN's naval experts have experience with military-grade sensor suites, from underwater intruder detection sonar all the way up to integrated mast modules with non-rotating active phased array surface detection and tracking radar.

Join us in Dubai for more information about the possibilities for the superyacht sector or contact us to make an appointment.