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Exciting new Heli Hangar option revealed

The Yacht Support range of vessels now offers the ultimate technical area for serious superyacht helicopter operations – a fully enclosed hangar – without sacrificing luxury spaces on board the mother yacht. DAMEN and AMELS have developed this exciting new option for the successful 69-metre Sea Axe 6911 in response to client feedback.

Fully-certified superyacht helicopter hangar
The new hangar is one of the benefits of the well-equipped support vessels built by DAMEN, and customised to the particular requirements of superyacht owners and finished to superyacht standards. The LY3 / MCA fully certified hangar shelters up to the size of a Eurocopter AS365. The helicopter emerges through opening doors. A platform lift mechanism supports a take-off weight of 5,000 kg. See how the Yacht Support helicopter hangar works.

Dive centre
An alternative option for the Sea Axe 6911 is a fully kitted-out 45.5 square-metre professional dive centre. This option includes its own Lloyd’s Register-certified double lock decompression chamber, four-point filling station and storage area.

DAMEN has already delivered three yacht support vessels, including one featuring a customised dive centre option. Another four Yacht Support vessels are under construction.

Helicopter Hangar

LY3 / MCA certified fully enclosed helicopter hangar
LY3 / MCA helideck with helicopter platform lift mechanism and closing doors
EUROCOPTER AS365 helicopter maximum size
Helideck maximum take-off weight 5,000 kg

Dive Store
Lloyd’s Register certified double lock decompression chamber
Capacity: Four divers sitting, or two divers lying down. Dedicated oxygen supply with emergency electrical supply
High pressure breathing air production facility
Enriched air nitrox production facility
Filling station for scuba dive cylinders with four filling points
Dive store area = 45.5 square metres