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The sleek looks of the Sea Axe 6711 at the Monaco Yacht Show will demonstrate that superyacht support vessels don’t have to look ugly to get the job done

Dutch superyacht builder Amels will be displaying the SEA AXE 6711, a 67-metre Fast Yacht Support vessel. The sleek, axe-bowed vessel was constructed at Damen Shipyards in Holland, and the project was coordinated and supervised by Moran Yachts & Ship.

The SEA AXE has 235 m² deck space for toys such as tenders, jet skis and sailing dinghies. In addition, the vast deck space makes room for a fully SOLAS certified helipad with 5000 kg take-off weight for commercial use. The design is modular, with an optional hangar to cover the toys from the worst of the elements.

Its unique bow and underwater body shape enable the SEA AXE to reach speeds between 18-25 knots in all sea states, making this a fast and dependable support ship - whatever the weather. She is not just a work horse, however. Great care has also been taken with the aesthetic design and high quality finish of the ship. The bridge interior is finished to superyacht standards and the exterior is painted to the same quality as a superyacht. As visitors to the Monaco Yacht Show will see, the SEA AXE looks like it really belongs in the superyacht environment without causing embarrassment or ruining the view!

The SEA AXE range has already proven successful with the 37m and 50m models already in active service for their superyacht owners, and a second SEA AXE 6711 FYS is currently under construction.

Amels manages the sales and marketing for the SEA AXE range.


Specifications - SEA AXE 6711 FYS:

LOA:  67.15m

Beam: 11.2m

Gross Tonnage: 1128 tonnes

Crew: 21

Range: 4500 nautical miles at 18 knots

Deck space: 235 m² (excluding heli platform)

Interior deck storage: 140 m²

Full SOLAS heli pad, 5000 kg take-off weight

Engines: 4x Caterpillar 1425 kW

Speed: 18-25 knots