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Yacht Support

Your time at sea should be a time of uninterrupted luxury and pleasure. Your yacht should do exactly that, nothing more. Everything else should be left to a support vessel to handle. That’s what an increasing number of forward-thinking owners are realising, and that’s why they want a DAMEN Yacht Support vessel. One day all superyacht owners will have one!


New DAMEN Yacht Support 5009 to debut in Monaco

DAMEN is pleased to present the newly upgraded 55-metre (181 ft) DAMEN Yacht Support 5009 at the Monaco Yacht Show 2016. And we’re not just bringing a scale model, but an actual YS 5009 vessel parked... Read more

Yacht Support for ultimate security and privacy

In a world where events can unfold rapidly and unpredictably, our superyacht clients are looking for solutions to ensure the security and privacy of their guests, friends and family. At the Dubai... Read more

New 43-metre Yacht Support design for helicopter operations

The recently upgraded Yacht Support range, starting with the new YS 4008, packs a whole lot of capability in five purpose-built SEA AXE vessels. Built by DAMEN in cooperation with luxury yacht... Read more